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Food should be nutritious and also help to meet the social, cultural and educational needs of children.

The early years are a time when food habits are being developed. Most children have formed lifelong eating patterns by school age. It is an important responsibility of carers to guide children towards sound food habits which will to help them maintain a healthy weight and good health in the long term.

Love Of Learning has a strong commitment and responsibility for the nutrition of children in our care. This is reinforced under the National Quality Framework for Early Education and Care. Our Practices and policies address issues of nutritional balance, mealtime environment, food hygiene, safety and individual dietary needs including allergies.

Our menu has been developed by our centre staff in consultation with our chefs. It complies and meets recommendations from Sydney Local Health District. We have created our menu food plans with quality food in correct portion sizes using quality, fresh ingredients that can accommodate for any food allergy or intolerance.

Our chefs cook meals of all different dietary needs- wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, lactose intolerant, pork free, vegetarian and halal. All allergy friendly meals are also catered for, ensuring no cross contamination, making meal times as easy as can be. Allergy friendly substitutes are available for the majority of the meals so that when lunchtime comes, all children are eating the same delicious meal.

Our freshly cooked meals are displayed daily on the foyer wall each week for you to view. The menu runs on a 4 week cycle and rotated for the season. Each season the menu is changed in order to allow for new foods to be introduced according to its season.

We are a ‘Nut Free Zone’ which means that no product with nuts or containing nuts must be brought to the centre.

All of the children’s meal requirements for the entire day are included in our daily fees.

Milk and water are served at each meal time.

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