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Our Goals

Provide a safe, nurturing and caring place where children laugh, play, have fun and ‘grow to learn’.
Implement an effective quality curriculum where each child learns through stimulating and challenging play.
Provide opportunities for children to reach their potential in physical ability, expressive arts, problem solving, mathematical skills, language and literacy and most importantly develop and maintain the right skills to form friendships and relationships and make the right decisions.
Create a curriculum that is rich in problem solving, resilience and brainstorming, enquiry based learning and providing the correct tools for children to explore and find the answers they are looking for.
Providing a secure environment where the children feel secure to make mistakes and learn from them, focusing on self-confidence and be accepting of others.
Provide flexible yet predictable routines and rituals based on every individual’s learning styles.
Build positive relationships and partnerships with our families and community and connect these with our children.
Be a preferred employer that maintains a professional Early Childhood Team.
Be a Model early Childhood Program for the local community.
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